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Back Posture Support

The Many Benefits of Having the Correct Posture

Have you ever thought about the reasons behind your back and neck pain or why we have always been told to sit and stand straight in the correct posture? This is because a bad posture can have severe repercussions on your overall health. The word posture refers to our body’s alignment and positioning with respect to the force of gravity which exerts a force on our joints, ligaments and muscles.

A good or correct posture allows the proper distribution of the force of gravity through our body thus ensuring no part is overstressed. And if your posture is not correct it means you are bound to experience strains and stresses. All it requires for you to have a correct posture is some attention and effort. We, at Aidfull, offer several types of back and posture support products that can help you improve your posture and get rid of pain.

How to Check Your Posture?

The posture refers to the alignment of the weight bearing joints when you are standing.

  • When viewed from the back side, the spine should not have a lateral curvature and the legs should be symmetrical without the formation of undue angles at the knees or ankles.
  • When viewed from the side, your spine should form a smooth s-shaped curve which can be bisected by an imaginary line starting from the apex of the head through the centre of gravity of the body.

This ideal alignment ensures that the body weight is balanced over the spine and lower extremity joints. It also means that the pressure on the intervertebral discs is evenly distributed and does not lead to any kind of excessive stress on the ligaments.

back posture supportWhat Leads to a Poor Posture?

Most of us have a habit of sitting incorrectly, especially when using a computer or driving. While trying to focus our attention on the screen or traffic ahead, we tend to protrude the head and neck forward. This leads to an imbalance in the spinal column and stretches the spinal ligaments. Regular sitting in this manner leads to fatigue and may even result in the pain in the neck or the upper back. What you need to ensure is that the S-shaped curvature of your spine is maintained even while sitting.

Rounding off of our lower back and slouching of the shoulders is an indication of a poor or incorrect posture. Although this type of a posture offers comfort in the short term, it can lead to severe backache and other problems over a longer time period. While many people realize that they are sitting or standing incorrectly, they are unable to hold on to the correct posture for long. This is where our back support braces and lower lumbar belts and spine support products can prove to be useful.

Benefits of a Good PostureBenefits of a Good Posture

Correcting your posture is important because it can help you avoid pain in your back. A good posture also strengthens your lower back besides reducing the tightness in your neck, shoulders and the upper back. A good posture also leads to improved energy levels, better breathing, reduced chances of injury while carrying out any physical activity and proper digestion. So your focus on attaining a good posture will contribute to your overall wellbeing and make it easy for you to perform your normal activities. So do try to improve your posture yourself or with the help of our thoughtfully designed back and posture support products.

Considerations in Choosing Good Back Support

Choosing the right back support is important for getting the desired results. Here are some considerations for choosing a good product to support your back and attain a correct posture:

  1. Always opt for a soft brace that activates your body muscles and is comfortable to wear. Our full range of back support braces is manufactured in consultation with medical experts and is easy to wear for long hours.
  2. Choose a back and posture support brace that focuses on key areas such as neck, cervical thoracic junction and the lower back. Lower lumbar belts and spine supports are ideal for alleviating pain in the lower back.
  3. Always opt for posture correction supports that are easy to wear and take off. The ease of wearing ensures that the person wears it regularly thereby getting good results. Several back support products can be worn under the clothes while some have to be worn over the clothes.

Back and Posture Support BracesHow Do Back and Posture Support Braces Help in Lumbar Pain?

Using a lower back brace or a lower lumbar belt is an excellent way to provide your lower back the necessary support. These braces help to stabilize and protect the affected area in your back and spine and can even be used after a surgery or a strain. These braces aid in the faster recovery of the injured area by minimizing the stress and strain that may occur due to our regular daily activities or a strenuous exercise. The use of a brace reduces the range of motion thus reducing the chances of further injury.

You can choose from rigid or semi rigid products depending on the extent of your injury. Another advantage of using our back support braces is that they offer effective compression to stabilize the back and reduce the pain. When you buy our back support and braces you can be assured that you are getting the best products that have been designed in keeping the overall health of our customers in mind.

All our products come with a 60-day return or exchange guarantee. You can even get in touch with our team which is available 24/7 on chat to resolve your doubts and queries about our lower back braces and their role in helping you improve your posture.