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Elbow and Wrist Braces for Rapid Recovery

The human arm is a feat of natural evolution. It allows us to not just lift heavy things or play sports, it also enables us to do the most delicate tasks, such as writing or threading a needle. To achieve such a wide range of motion, the human arm uses a combination of several muscles, bones, joints and connective tissues.

But, at times, this almost perfect machine does fail. There could be a bone injury, ligament damage, or muscle tissue tear. These conditions can be extremely painful and debilitating. You might not be able to enjoy your favorite sports or even complete you daily chores. But the good news is that you can ensure pain relief and rapid recovery with the highest quality braces from Aidfull.

What are Wrist and Elbow Braces?

Braces are health care devices that provide just the right support to a specific body part. They can also be used to limit the range of motion. There are different braces for different parts of the arm, such as for the wrist or the elbow. The braces are generally made of a combination of hard materials, such as plastic, and fabric. At Aidfull, high quality polypropylene and neoprene are used to create braces that offer the maximum support. Polypropylene provides strength to the braces, while keeping them lightweight, while neoprene is a fabric that is highly breathable, making the braces comfortable to wear throughout the day.

Why Choose Aidfull’s Wrist and Elbow Braces?

When you choose the highest quality braces, straps and compression sleeves for your wrist or elbow, you know you will benefit in many ways, such as:

Best Support

Elbow and wrist braces provide support to the ligaments and joints. This reduces chances of twisting or overextending the joints. They can also stabilize the joints and take some pressure off them. This reduces chances of injury.

Decreased Swelling and Pain

Many of our braces come with compression technology. This provides warmth and pressure to the injured area, reducing swelling. The inflammation is caused by build-up of blood and other fluids. But compression helps remove that build-up. This lowers pain and swelling.

Faster Recovery

To recover from injury, you might need to keep your hand in certain positions. Moving your hand too much may aggravate the condition. Braces help with this as well. Braces can immobilize the wrist or elbow in positions most suitable for recovery.

Types of Arm Braces

At Aidfull, you will find supports & braces for every type of need.


Straps look like wrist bands, but are worn on the forearm, just below the elbow. Elbow straps are placed here to reduce stress on the epicondyle. This is done by preventing the forearm muscle from expanding. The strap also applies pressure on the affected area. This stabilizes the muscles and reduces pain. The pressure also helps improve blood flow in the area, promoting recovery. These are compact and lightweight. You will be able to complete most of your tasks without any problems while wearing them. These braces are generally used for tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow and tendonitis.

Compression Sleeves

Our compression sleeves protect the elbow while you are involved in physical activity. They provide stabilization to the elbow, reducing pain. They also reduce the inflammation in the injured area. After an injury, there can be a build-up of fluids in the area, causing inflammation. But our compression sleeves can help clear those fluids, reducing inflammation. These sleeves also provide cushioning to the elbow. We also offer elbow sleeves with copper content, which can speed up recovery.

Hinged Elbow Braces

If you want support for a hyperextended elbow, then hinged elbow braces can be a great choice. The hinges allow flexing and extending of the elbow, while providing just the right support. These braces can be used if you are looking for additional protection for your hyperextended elbow while playing sports. They can also help in recovery from a hyperextended elbow.

Wrist Splints

Appearance wise, a wrist splint is like a glove without fingers. They provide support to the wrist and keep it in a straight position, without restricting the fingers. It also removes pressure from the splint nerve. This makes them great for treating carpel tunnel syndrome. These splint elbow braces can also be beneficial for treating tendonitis, strain, sprains and instability.

Wrist Brace

A wrist brace reduces chances of further injury by putting pressure on ligaments and muscles. These braces can be used to treat strains and sprains. Wrist braces can also be helpful while playing sports such as football.

Compression Gloves

Compression gloves provide warmth and compression to the hands and associated joints. They improve blood circulation and promote quicker lactic acid removal. This reduces pain and inflammation. Compression gloves can be great for treating arthritis, tendonitis and sore muscles.

Thumb Support Braces

This brace offers compression and stabilization to the wrist and thumb. They can be helpful for De Quervain’s syndrome, thumb spasms, trigger thumb and many other wrist and thumb injuries.

Conditions that Can be Treated with Aidfull Braces

Some of the common conditions that can be treated with our wrist and elbow braces are:

Tennis Elbow and Golfer’s Elbow

Tennis elbow is a condition in which your elbow tendons are overloaded. It is generally caused by repetitive arm or wrist movements. These repeated motions cause strain on the forearm tendons, ultimately leading to tiny tears. This strain could be due to sports, painting, or even using tools such as hammers and screwdrivers. Golfer’s elbow is quite similar to tennis elbow. The difference being that it affects different tendons in the forearm. Our elbow strap braces provide the support needed to treat both tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow.

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

This condition is caused by pressure on the median nerve. It can lead to numbness, weakness and tingling in the hand. It is generally a result working for long hours on a keyboard or a controller. A wrist brace can be helpful for this.


Arthritis is a disorder of the joints, which can make movement extremely painful. Our compression sleeves and gloves can be great for managing the symptoms of this condition. They help reduce pain and inflammation.

So, if you are looking for the best elbow or wrist braces, check out our catalogue and order now!