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An Elbow Brace Can Help Relieve Pain

Overuse of arm, forearm and even hand muscles can lead to pain in the elbow. This condition is commonly known as Tennis Elbow or Lateral Epicondylitis and often comes suddenly and worsens on continued use of the hands. Elbow braces and straps can help relieve this pain.

We, at AIdfull, offer the best elbow braces that not only help in reducing the pain but are also soft on the skin and thus ideal for long hours of wear. Our specially designed tennis elbow support aid in faster recovery besides preventing the spread of the pain to other areas. Read on to know more about how an elbow brace can provide relief from pain and aid in recovery from Tennis elbow and other conditions leading to pain in the region.

Who Can Get a Tennis Elbow?Who Can Get a Tennis Elbow?

Contrary to popular belief, a tennis elbow is not always caused by playing tennis. It actually occurs when the tendons connecting the forearm muscles to the bones in the elbow get inflamed. And this happens due to repetitive movements of your hand which put strain on the muscles and tendons. Some common jobs that can lead to a Tennis elbow include painting, playing tennis, playing a musical instrument or carpentry or using any heavy tool.

What Aggravates the Pain?What Aggravates the Pain?

While the initial tear in your tendons might be small, it gets aggravated when you tend to ignore it and continue using your hand putting further pressure on the muscles and tendons. The pain increases slowly and worsens when you continue with the activity which initially caused it. The extent of pain can be such that even simple tasks such as holding a toothbrush or a knife or a fork may be difficult. Resting your hands is the best solution in such a scenario, but often not possible. So what can be done? Use a good elbow tendonitis brace that can help in relieving the pain.

Why Choose the Best Elbow Braces?

How do you know which elbow brace is best for your condition? You can check this out with your doctor who can assess the extent of damage and recommend the best elbow braces. The elbow braces work in four ways:

  1. By providing compression to the affected joint as well as the upper forearm. This leads to better blood circulation and improved supply of oxygen, thereby helping in faster healing and reduced pain.
  2. By supporting the injured area and the surrounding muscles. The tennis elbow supports also keep the joint in one place allowing it to rest or avoid any kind of stress. This reduces the chances of any further injury or the aggravation of the existing tear.
  3. Some elbow braces also change the angle of the working of the tendon and are highly helpful for conditions like golfer’s elbow or tennis elbow.
  4. Some sleeves and clasps cover the joint and keep it warm. This heat again promotes blood flow and allows the sore muscles to relax.

You can choose from our specially designed range of elbow braces and compression sleeves that are guaranteed to offer relief from pain and inflammation. We also offer free ground shipping.

What are the Different Types of Elbow Braces and Supports?

Tennis elbow supports can be of many types and are available in the form of a clasp or a sleeve or a strap and may come with slings or hinges. Generally manufactured by using high quality polypropylene and neoprene, these braces are not only lightweight but also breathable which makes them highly comfortable for the wearer. The main types of elbow supports include:

  • Epicondylitis clasp: Epicondylitis claspAs the name suggests these elbow supports consist of a clasp or clip that needs to be fitted around the arm and secured with a strap with a pressure point over a muscle that lies below the point of pain.This Golfers Elbow brace or clasp puts pressure on the muscle that attaches to the lateral epicondyle and restricts the transmission of pain. IT also changes the angle of the working of tendon, thereby relieving the pain. The use of the clasp allows greater precision and aids in faster recovery.


  • Straps for Tennis ElbowStraps for Tennis Elbow: These simple to use straps can be wrapped around the forearm just below the elbow. We offer a wide range of tennis elbow straps with some having additional pressure pads for the muscle just below the point of pain on the elbow. These straps compress the upper forearm and absorb the forces transmitted through the soft tissues to the point of the pain on the outer side of the elbow. Another advantage of using these straps is that they change the angle at which the tendon works at elbow thereby allowing the injured portion to recover. These easy to fit straps can be adjusted thus allowing the user to loosen or tighten them according to his ease.
  • Sleeves for the ElbowSleeves for the Elbow: These braces for the elbows come with a simple elbow sleeve with a strap. While the sleeve provides compression and warmth to the entire elbow besides supporting it, the strap is tightened around the upper forearm to put pressure on the point. This aids in curtailing the pain. The warmth provided by the sleeve aids in faster healing of the tendons. The sleeves can be made of a variety of materials such as plastic and copper. Our copper elbow sleeves come with flexible compression that facilitates movement of the tendon and warms the muscles to keep them ready for action. These easy to use sleeves dry quickly and dampen odors resulting in long lasting freshness. Available in various sizes, the compression elbow sleeves also support improved circulation and oxygenation of the muscles.

We highly recommend to not ignore your pain if you wish to avoid any kind of serious injury. Instead, start using an elbow brace that helps in dealing with pain and inflammation besides preventing any kind of further injury. Also do check out with your doctor or physiotherapist about the strengthening and stretching exercises that can help you avoid recurrence of the pain in the elbow.