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Wrist & Hand Brace Support

Supports and Braces for Your Arm or Wrist Injuries

Playing any sport can be enriching, fun-filled and good for health. But sports also bring with them the chances of injury especially arm and wrist injuries. Overuse of hands or putting extra pressure on them or a wrong move or a hard fall can lead to painful injuries in the hand, wrist or fingers or thumbs. While this does not mean that one should stop playing altogether, usage of certain types of supports and braces and football wrist braces can help you minimize the risk of getting injured.

We, at Aidfull, offer a wide range of arm and wrist braces besides good quality and durable thumb braces to allow you to play and work better. Our products are specially designed after consultation with medical experts and work to reduce pain and inflammation besides protecting the affected area from further injuries. Do check out our product range.

Who Can Get Arm, Wrist and Thumb Pain?

Who Can Get Arm, Wrist and Thumb Pain?

While sportsmen are more prone to injuries in their arm and wrists, anybody who overuses their hands or puts their hands and wrists in wrong position all day are prone to pain and inflammation. Sitting on a computer or a laptop the whole days also affects the movements of your arms and fingers. Pain or tingling sensation in your fingers could be signs of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. This occurs when your work involves repeated work that puts pressure on your median nerve.

Avoiding this sensation or pain may aggravate the situation and lead to the need for a surgery. However, timely use of wrist braces and supports can help reduce the pain and prevent its aggravation. A Wrist band will not help you keep your wrist in a straight and neutral position but also prevents aggravation of the sprain or tear. Our supports and braces come with a 60-day money back guarantee.

Types of Arms and Wrist Injuries

Sporting activities like hockey, basketball football or wrestling can often result in traumatic injuries like a strain in the muscle, dislocation of a joint, inflammation of the tendons, ligament tears and fractures in the wrist or arm or thumb or even fingers. Let us look at some common injuries:

  • Sprains and Strains: Damage to the ligaments which are a type of tissue that connects two different bones can result in significant pain and inflammation. A sprain in your thumb or wrist or arm ligament can severely affect your ability to move your hand or hold on to something. A brace or support will not only provide compression but also prevent aggravation of the sprain.
  • Bone Injury: A fall while playing or performing any other activity can result in dislocation and fracture of a bone. While a fracture refers to a broken bone, dislocation means pushing out of a bone from its normal place. This not only causes pain but also affects the ability to move the injured portion.
  • Injuries to the tendon or tendonitis: Tendons are connective tissues that attach muscles to the bone and any kind of irritation or inflammation of the tissues is called tendonitis.
  • Dislocation of joints: A common condition, dislocation of joints may require resetting by the doctor and the use of a support to keep it in place.
  • Stress fractures or Overuse: These occur generally due to the overuse of the arm or the wrist or the thumb. While rest is the best option for rectifying this, arm and wrist braces can prove to be highly useful too.
  • DeQuervain’s Syndrome: Commonly occurring amongst people who plays sports involving the use of a racquet or involve repetitive rotating of the wrist or gripping by the wrist, this syndrome involves pain and swelling in the tendons.
  • Thumb Injuries: A sprain in the thumb is quite common and results in swelling and pain in the hand. This may even make it difficult for a person to write or open a door or drink a glass of water. Such injuries occur when the thumb is pushed backward with a force which causes the ligament to stretch or tear. A thumb sprain is very common amongst people who play football or baseball or basketball. The key to dealing with such injuries is to find a perfect thumb brace or a splint that can help stabilize the affected joint and relive it of pain. Ignoring this pain may affect your ability to hold things in your hand.

Benefits of Wearing Football Wrist Braces and Wrist Bands

Benefits of Wearing Football Wrist Braces and Wrist BandsWrist braces are flexible and apply gentle compression while allowing one to carry out their normal activities. Several types of football wrist braces allow the wearer to move the finger and thumb joints which means they can carry out their normal routine. Braces also aid in improved sleep by protecting the wrist, reducing pain and sometimes even improving the grip.

To ensure that you get all the benefits of wearing a wrist band or an arm and wrist brace, you need to ensure that you choose the right size. Correct fitting of a brace or a band is important to avoid any kind of strain or pinch or squeeze in the affected area. Apart from the correct size, the material of the brace or support plays an important role in deciding the comfort of the wearer. Our products are made from highly soft and durable material that provide the maximum comfort to the wearer in terms of reduced pain and inflammation.

Last but not the least it is important you wear your braces correctly and for the right duration as prescribed by your doctor.

Why Buy Your Braces and Supports from Us?

Why Buy Your Braces and Supports from Us?Aidfull not only offers the full range of braces and support to help you deal with pain and injury in the arm, wrist, thumb or feet, but also offers a lifetime assurance about the quality of these products. Our dedicated staff is always willing to help customers by understanding their requirements and recommending the best products for their specific condition.

Our products are suitable for sportsmen wishing to prevent any kind of injury as well as people suffering from Carpel’s Tunnel Syndrome or Tendonitis or Arthritis. Our durable products are soft on the skin and thus can be worn for longer period too.