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Foot Ankle Care

Ankle Braces for Adequate Support and Pain Management

A simple sprain in your ankle can be quite painful mainly because ankle joint is quite complex and connected to several other bones, tendons and ligaments. To get relief from this pain and avoid any further severe injury, use of high-quality ankle braces and foot braces is recommended.

We, at Aidfull, specialize in braces and supports for all kinds of injuries and sprains. Our products are not only soft on the skin but also breathable and can be worn for longer periods too. You can choose from our wide range of splints, braces, foot compression sleeves and feet support products depending on your individual requirements.

FOOT ANKLE CARECan We Ignore a Sprain in the Foot or Ankle?

The Tibia and the Fibula are the two parallel bones of our lower leg and these two are held together by strong ligaments. But any kind of sprain or injury to the ligaments can affect the stability of the bones and the movement of the leg. It is not advisable to ignore any kind of sprain if you wish to avoid severe problems at a later stage. A sprain in your ankle may not be an indication of a severe damage or a fracture currently, but if left untreated can result in the same.

Consulting a doctor and using an ankle support brace or foot compression sleeves can help you deal with this pain at an early stage. These braces aid in compression which helps reduce inflammation or swelling in the feet or the ankle. Ankle braces for sprained ankles prove to be quite beneficial in preventing the aggravation of the pain and inflammation.

How Do Foot and Ankle Braces Help?

Foot and ankle injuries are quite common amongst people especially the ones who play some kind of sports. Some common problems where the use of tendonitis ankle brace and feet support can help are:

  1. Pain due to sprains or ligament injuries and over usage of muscles can be reduced by wearing foot and tendonitis ankle braces and supports. These products allow movement of the feet by providing the necessary support while aiding in the healing process.
  2. Football and basketball ankle braces are quite useful in conditions where the feet become unstable due to its repetitive use for pushing, jumping, kicking and tacking. The failure to treat the instability in the ankle can result in permanent damage in the form of loss of range of motion.
  3. Many a times sportspersons and athletes may witness a rupture of their tendons and have to undergo surgery for the same. In such cases braces and supports are used for healing purposes.
  4. Regular use of foot and ankle supports is also recommended as a precautionary measure for people engaged in a lot of physical activity and sports.
  5. Braces are highly useful in people suffering from foot drops which refers to the inability of a person to lift his foot from the ankle joint. Do check out our full range of foot braces and feet support products.

Foot Compression SleevesWhen to Choose Foot Compression Sleeves?

Foot compression sleeves provide compression but not thorough support like the traditional ankle braces. These sleeves are highly useful for people who have soft tissue injuries, have weak ankles or whose ankles are swollen. These sleeves help in controlling the movement of the ankle and prevent excessive movement which can lead to further injuries.

Walking BootsWhat are the Benefits of Walking Boots?

Aidfull offers several types of walking boots or casts or cast boots or fracture boots designed to immobilize the ankle. These boots also provide enhanced support to the wearer while walking and are highly recommended for treatment and healing of sprained ankles and minor fractures. You can choose from our range of walking boots, pump up walking boots, super air walking boot, diabetic walker brace, pro shield walker, pneumatic fixed walker, ROM Walker brace and many more. You can use our 24/7 chat service to know more about each product and choose the one that is suitable for your individual condition.

How Do Splints Help?How Do Splints Help?

Another common problem affecting a person’s ability to walk normally is plantar fasciitis which refers to the inflammation of the plantar fascia which is the ligament that connects the heel bone to the toes. This is where night splints are highly useful as they hold the foot with the toes pointed up to allow gentle stretching of the plantar fascia while preventing it from tightening up. Splints are also highly beneficial for conditions such as Bunions by bringing the toe back into proper alignment. Night splints give a constant stretch throughout the night and thus prevent stiffness and aid in recovery.

Choosing the Right Brace is Important!

The extent of the sprain in your ankle will help you decide choose the right ankle support brace for your feet. While soft braces made of neoprene or elastic are ideal for mild support, they also help to keep the ankle in position and avoid stiffening. Another benefit of these ankle braces is that they provide compression for swelling and discomfort. You can also choose to buy lace up braces that provide moderate support. We also offer lace up braces with straps to heel locks for support for use by athletes.

Another available option for people looking for moderate support for their ankle is the hinged brace that prevents the ankle from rolling from one side to another while continuing to allow the ankle to move up and down. However, if you have had a surgery or your injury was quite severe and you are looking for braces that can aid in the healing process you should go for the rigid braces. These braces provide moderate to high support and reduce side to side movement while allowing the ankle to move up and down.

Another consideration in choosing the right ankle brace for your sprained ankle is its comfort level. Our products are highly comfortable and soft on the skin and you can always avail of our 60-day return and exchange guarantee. But as mentioned before choosing the right brace or foot support is important for protecting your feet from injury as well as helping it recover from a sprain. So do consult a medical professional or our experts before choosing an appropriate product for your condition.