About Us

At Aidfull, we care deeply about the way we do business, and how a detailed and explicit value system is integral to a company. Our employees comprehend the acute responsibility entrusted to us as we work and progress toward our common goal: to improve and spur health care systems to become the best possible place for health, help and longevity.

That’s why we look toward our Map of Principles as a unifying set of values to guide us in our daily tasks. The Map serves as a clear, concise and essentially bulleted mission statement for owners and employees to follow and abide by.

These values are promoted, explored, and instilled throughout the company at all levels as Aidfull continues its reputation as a trusted organization that goes the extra mile to advance our customers’ success.

  •  Honesty: Aidfull is synonymous with ethics. We constantly work at investigating, understanding, and meeting our customers’ needs. We recognize that, the action that’s best for our customers is in turn best for our company — and, ultimately, for the health care industry as a whole.

  • Commitment: Nothing makes us happier than hearing from our customers. Of course, we love when they enthuse about our products. We love their stories about the difference a particular item made in their life or their recovery — but we also love hearing how our support staff oversaw their service in the most seamless and stress-free way possible. We’ve worked to cultivate a compassionate and exceptional team that’s as Aidfull as the products themselves.

  •  Responsibility: Please, be sure to hold us accountable the same way we hold ourselves accountable. Responsibility and follow-through are paramount values within our company.  We constantly challenge ourselves to question and own whether we’re giving the best we have to offer (to our customers, vendors, colleagues, our brand) and also to our internal team themselves. Alongside our line of superior medical-grade braces, we fervently hold to and deliver on our promise of care and personalized service. Aidfull always finds a way to stand up and walk the walk — figuratively and literally.

  • Care: While looking for treatment methods to improve your health and quality of life, you deserve to surround yourself with the most mindful, mannerly, and courteous team within the industry. We find strength in our team’s diverse range of talents, and work toward a group unity that builds on each individual’s strengths and skills. This internal work ethic and respectful dynamic spills over to our customer interaction as we look for the perfect solution to every unique scenario that comes our way.

  • Excellence: Aidfull prides itself on a constant and deliberate pursuit of the best methods, materials and design enhancements to perfect the products we create.  Each brace is the culminating result of hours spent innovating, testing, and meticulously tracking its multiple iterations.  We know that the end result of this time and attention is a state-of-the-art brace that ends up bettering the health and therapy of our customers — in ways both subtle and drastic. It’s part of the work ethic and value system that has made Aidfull a standout leader in the health care industry, and a company that patients and customers return to with referrals and requests that continually compel us toward even better and more optimal service.