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Orthopedic Support Braces

Orthopedic Support Braces for Every Need

Orthopedic braces are one of the most useful yet underutilized aspects of recuperative medicine. Whether you have an acute injury, are suffering from a chronic condition, or simply looking to prevent future injury, orthopedic support braces can help with all these needs. For the best braces & splints online, choose Aidfull.

What is an Orthopedic Brace?

Orthopedic braces are devices made of a combination of rigid materials, such as plastic, and soft fabrics. At Aidfull, we use high-quality, durable polypropene and breathable neoprene to ensure that you get the maximum benefits of using braces. This is much more comfortable and durable than the plastics used in other products on the markets. In addition, our orthopedic support braces have moisture wicking properties, due to the use of neoprene. This ensures that the brace is comfortable to wear for long durations.

How Do They Help?

The aim of an orthopedic brace is to limit the movement of the joints or even completely immobilize them in certain cases. This helps in speeding up recovery, while ensuring that the ligaments, tendons and muscles receive adequate amounts of blood. This allows connective tissues to heal properly. In addition, with Aidfull braces, you get:

Improved Stability

    Braces help reduce the pressure on the joint. This is done by slightly changing the joint angle. Some of our braces also contain hinges. This helps in shifting the weight towards less damaged areas of the joint. This helps in orthopedic relief from pain and irritation, with improved stability.

    Reduced Inflammation

    Aidfull also offers braces with compression features. The compression stops the fluid from accumulating in the affected area. This helps reduce swelling and promotes recovery, especially among people affected by arthritis.

    Aid in Physical Therapy

      Unlike a cast, you can easily remove and wear your brace when during physical therapy or bathing.

      Boost in Confidence

        A brace can improve functionality of your joints, increasing your confidence. This motivates you to participate in activities you might have given up, such as running, playing tennis, or trekking.

        Orthopedic Braces for All Your Needs

        At Aidfull, you can get orthopedic braces & supports for every need, such as:

        Ankle Braces

        Ankle braces help in preventing sprains of aversion and inversion. At the same time, they allow movement of the feet for activities such as walking and even running. They can also help in recovering from injuries, which might otherwise require an invasive procedure.

        Back Brace

        Back braces are generally used for protecting the lumbar vertebrae, close to the tail bone, or other areas of the core and back. This ensures that undue stress is not placed on the hips or abdominal muscles. The brace helps in keeping the back in proper alignment during lifting as well as regular movements.

        Knee Brace

        Knee braces help with knee injuries as well as osteoarthritis. They help in reducing strain, while the knee heals.

        Elbow Brace

        Injuries such as soft tissue sprains and strain, rotator cuff issues, tendonitis and tennis elbow can benefit from using an elbow brace.

        Choose from the Best Orthopedic Braces

        Our aim is to provide the highest quality orthopedic support braces at affordable prices. You can be assured that our superior medical grade braces will be comfortable to wear, last long, and provide the best support to your body. In case you do face any problems, we have a dedicated staff that is always ready to help.