How Does an ACL Knee Brace for ACL Tear or Injury Help?

The pop sound or sensation in your knee is an indication of an ACL injury. The ACL refers to the anterior cruciate ligament in the knee that generally gets sprained or torn during sports activities that involve jumping, changing direction suddenly or landing. Most soccer, basketball and football players are prone to an ACL tear or injury and thus need to resort to use of ACL knee braces. The most common symptoms of an ACL injury include pain, swelling and a feeling of instability.

While rest and rehabilitation exercises are the key component of the treatment process for such injuries use of ACL knee braces is also quite helpful. We at offer skin friendly braces and supports that help you get maximum relief from pain and inflammation without compromising on your daily activities. We, at Aidfull, offer a range of superior quality ACL Knee brace for ACL tear or injury.

Understanding the Working of ACL

ACL runs diagonally in the front of knee and works as a stabilising ligament. It prevents excessive forward movement of the knee or the rotation of the shin bone also called the tibia on the thigh bone also called the femur This ligament also provides rotational stability to the knee. So if you are feeling that your knee is unstable and may give out, it is a sign of injury to the ACL. Other factors that may affect knee movements or lead to pain include injury to the shock absorbing menisci, collateral ligaments, the posterior ligaments, or the bones.

Treating an ACL Injury

To ensure that the injury in the ACL does not reach irreparable levels, it is important to approach a doctor immediately and find ways to restore the functioning of the ACL. While it is difficult to heal a torn ACL without surgery, non-surgical treatments prove to be effective in patients having a low activity level. In such situations, the best remedy for restoring the functioning of the ACL is to carry out strengthening and flexibility exercises and improve the stability of the knee by using braces and supports. Our years of experience and collaboration with medical experts ensures that we offer the best knee braces for recovering, healing and protection.

Working of an ACL Brace

Our specially designed ACL knee brace for ACL tear or injury is easy to handle and wear. Having a lightweight frame with hinges on the knee joint, these braces also have straps to secure them. This design helps the knee to bend and straighten while providing support to the internal and the outer parts of the knee.

Our ACL braces work to reduce instability in the knee, the risk of injuring other parts of the knee and reduce the stress when used after a surgery. But all this is possible when you use braces in conjunction with an overall rehabilitation program for your knees. Our knee braces are breathable and keep away sweat from the skin of the wearer. This means they remain dry and comfortable and can even be worn as a preventive tool while playing a sport.