Choose the Best Knee Braces for Football Players

When the game was created in the 1800s, it would have been hard for anyone to predict that it would become America’s favorite sport. In fact, more than 1 million high school students and around 60,000 college students participate in organized football in the United States. This number is greater than the combined participants of baseball and track and field.

But football is also near the top of the list when it comes to injuries. Football is a tough sport. In the gridiron, players are tackling into each other, fighting for the ball, jumping and diving to dodge each other and constantly sprinting. This puts great stress on the body, with sprains, strain, dislocations and fractures being common. So, how do you protect your body during this sport? Aidfull has the answer – braces.

Why Braces for Football Players?

There are helmets to protect against concussions and shoulder pads to protect the chest and rib area. But what about the rest of the body? Braces provide support to the knee, elbow and ankle joints, ensuring that they do not overextend or twisted, causing injury. Braces can also help speed up recovery from injuries such as ACL, MCL and LCL tears. This protective gear can also reduce the stress on the injured area and provide compression to alleviate inflammation. They can even be used to immobilize the joint in a position suitable for rapid healing.

Aidfull’s Braces for Football Players

At Aidfull, we only offer the highest quality braces for football players.

Hinged Knee Brace

These braces offer the highest level of protection and support. Football knee braces are great for football players who need support and stabilization of their joints, while recovering from an ACL or MCL injury. Hinged braces also prevent hyperextension of the joint and improve the joint mechanics. We also offer hinged braces that can provide full knee immobilization. They can also be helpful for sprains, patellar dislocations and postoperative recovery.

Laced Ankle Brace

Laced ankle braces ensure maximum ligament stability and reduce stress on the joints. This is a because of the side stabilizers and contoured design of our ankle braces. With the laced ankle braces, football players can adjust the compression throughout the brace. These braces can easily be worn underneath football boots.

Shoulder Braces

Are you suffering from shoulder pain, due to a hard tackle? Don’t worry, our shoulder braces for football players can ensure that you quickly recover from it. Our shoulder brace provides optimal support and prevents overextension. These braces also provide support for many common football shoulder injuries, such as dislocated shoulder, AC separation, frozen shoulder, rotator cuff tear, bursitis, labrum tear, tendonitis, stiff joints, shoulder muscle soreness and post-op surgery.

Wrist Support Brace

If you have a sprain or strain in your wrist, then this brace can be great for you. They ensure pressure on the wrist, providing support to the ligaments. For more serious injuries, a wrist splint can be better. It keeps the wrist straight, promoting faster recovery. Our football wrist braces and splints are made using breathable fabrics, which stay dry. This makes them comfortable for wear even for long periods.

So, choose the brace most suitable for your condition and order now. When ordering from us, you can be assured of getting only the best football knee, ankle, shoulder and wrist braces for football players.