Offering High Quality Tendonitis Braces

If you have tendonitis which is the inflammation of a tendon and are looking for a good quality brace, you have arrived at the right place. We offer the full range of tendonitis braces to provide the right support to your joints and the attached ligaments. Our products not only aid in reducing pain and inflammation but are also gentle on the skin and suitable for long hours of wear. Read on to know more about the type of tendonitis braces and the benefits offered by them.

Choosing the Right Brace is Important!

Different types of braces and supports are available for different tendons. Choosing the right product will ensure quick recovery besides a reduction in the pain and the inflammation in the affected area. Our specially designed braces also offer adequate support to the injured area which in turn reduces the chances of further injury. You can choose from our high quality tendonitis braces for the elbow, wrist or the ankle or the knee. We even offer shoulder tendonitis braces and Achilles tendonitis braces. People looking for patellar tendonitis braces which come with an opening at the kneecap area can be assured of high quality products that will aid in quick recovery. And all these products come with a lifetime assurance guarantee and a 60-day hassle free return and exchange policy.

Different Types of Tendonitis Braces

Tendonitis or tendinitis refers to the inflammation of a tendon and usually occurs when we overuse or injure a tendon during sports related activities. It can affect the elbow or the wrist, fingers, thigh, ankle and several other parts of the body. You need to choose a tendonitis brace depending on the part whose tendon is inflamed or damaged.

Some common types of tendonitis are:

  • Achilles Tendinitis: A common condition that occurs between the heel and the calf muscle and is often caused by ill-fitting shoes or a sports injury. An Achilles tendonitis brace will provide the necessary support and stability to prevent the condition from worsening.
  • Tendinitis in the Shoulder: In this case the tendon around the top of the shoulder joint becomes inflamed and leads to pain while moving the arm. A shoulder tendonitis brace may prove to be useful in this situation.
  • Tennis or Golfer’s Elbow: Pain on the outer side of the elbow is called the tennis elbow while the pain on the inner side of the elbow is called the golfer’s elbow. This pain may radiate downwards to the wrist. Do check out our elbow tendonitis braces designed in consultation with medical experts.
  • Tendonitis of the wrist: A common problem amongst the production line workers and badminton players who use their wrist quite frequently.
  • Tendinitis in the Knee: High intensity activities such as running and other sports often lead to the inflammation of the tendons in the knee and ankle area which results in swelling and pain. Specially designed tendonitis knee braces or tendonitis ankle braces provide the necessary support and stability to the affected area which in turn prevents further damage.

Whatever type of brace you use for managing pain and inflammation in your tendons, do remember to exercise for improved flexibility.