Speed up Recovery with a Golfers Elbow Brace

Do you feel a sharp pain when you try to throw a ball? Or are you feeling a stiffness in the forearm? Do you feel weakness in your hands and wrists? All these symptoms point to golfer’s elbow. Although not as well-known as its cousin, the tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow still affects almost 1% of the population.

What is Golfer’s Elbow?

This is a condition that affects the tendons connecting the elbow to the forearm. The pain from this condition can spread to the wrist and the forearm as well. The condition can occur in not just golf players, but anyone who uses their wrist repeatedly to clench the fingers. This could be while weightlifting, playing racket sports, rock climbing, or even from using tools, such as screwdrivers and hammers. It can even be caused by working on a computer for long periods of time at a stretch. The condition can be extremely painful and cause weakness and inflammation as well.

How to Treat Golfer’s Elbow?

For effective treatment of this condition, the following steps are recommended by medical experts:


Put all activities that might strain your elbow on hold. These include any sports you might play, working out, using tools, and even typing on a computer. Continuing with these activities would only worsen the condition.


Apply ice packs to the affected area for 15 to 20 minutes at a time, 3 to 4 times every day. To protect the skin, keep the ice pack wrapped in a thick cloth or towel. Ice packs contract the blood vessels, reducing the swelling.

Use a Brace

To speed up your recovery from golfer’s elbow, a brace can be extremely helpful. An elbow brace reduces the stress on the epicondyle by preventing expansion of the forearm muscle. Most elbow braces for this condition are placed past the elbow to reduce the stress on the epicondyle. The brace also applies pressure on the area, stabilizing the muscles and alleviating pain. This also improves the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the area, speeding up recovery. Plus, elbow movements aren’t restricted, so you can complete almost all you usual daily activities without any problem.

Apart from these, the doctor might suggest some exercises to strengthen the muscles and tendons.

The Best Braces for Golfer’s Elbow

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Ergonomic Design

Our braces come in a wrap design. This allows them to be worn on the medial or lateral side. Many of our braces have a silicon pull tab, which makes wearing and taking them off extremely easy and quick.


The compression padding of our elbow strap provides the perfect pressure. It offers the right firmness to promote healing, without causing any discomfort. In addition, the braces are lightweight and made with breathable material. This makes it comfortable to wear the brace throughout the day.

Quick Recovery

Our golfer’s elbow support straps & sleeves provide support to the extensor muscles, reducing pain and speeding up recovery.

So, whether you are suffering from golfer’s elbow or tennis elbow, choose from our collection of high-quality braces right away.