Hinged Knee Braces for a Speedy Recovery

Hinged knee braces are not just for the athletes to protect them from injuries and help in the recovery. They are also helpful for people who are dealing with chronic knee pain or recovering from major surgery. If you pick the right hinged knee brace, it stabilizes the joint while inhibiting certain movements and protects the injured area. They make sure that your knee flexes and extends in a perfectly linear motion and controls their movement to avoid any unwanted stress.

Aidfull offers a wide range of hinged knee braces that help in their specific ways for protecting the knee and aiding in recoveries.

Benefits of Hinged Knee Braces

A hinged knee brace is extremely versatile and offers a wide variety of benefits over other types of braces. It is helpful in preventing injury, alleviating pain from an injury, and recovering from an injury.

For Preventing an Injury

A hinged knee brace provides greater stability than a normal sleeve brace and protects the ligaments from damage. Athletes usually prefer soft hinged knee braces as they minimize the risk of injuries during sports and also allow them to make quick cuts and sharp moves.

For Helping with Injuries

A hinged knee brace can also help with the healing of several injuries including knee fractures, patella tendinitis, ligament tears, and cartilage injuries. It provides stability to the knee joint and helps in managing the pain. It allows you to readjust the incorrect movements and ensures adequate healing. It is even recommended for people suffering from arthritis since it can offload pressure on the joint and ease the pain.

For Recovery

You can consult your physician and get a knee brace with polycentric hinge after knee surgery. It allows you to control the amount of movement and ensures a speedy recovery.

You can also opt for a hinged knee brace with removable hinges. Once your knee heals and you feel that you don’t need the extra support of the hinges, you can remove them and use the brace as a normal sleeve brace. It will provide some support for your knee and also protect it from the risk of re-injury.

Precautions for Using a Hinged Knee Brace

  • Check for the right size: Your hinged knee brace should fit you perfectly. The wrong size could potentially do more harm. It is advisable to consult a medical professional to get a custom knee brace design. You could even put the brace on for the first time in front of your doctor.
  • Follow the care directions: It is important to care for your hinged knee brace so that it functions properly. Wash the fabric regularly if it says so and replace if it becomes worn.
  • Wear the brace properly: If you have recently had surgery or suffered a major injury, you should strictly follow the doctor’s orders. Wear the medical knee brace with hinges as and when advised, especially while doing any activities that may cause damage to your knee.
  • Inspect your skin regularly: Using hinged knee braces might cause dryness, redness, or irritation. Ask your doctor if you can cover the area with a bandage or use a topical cream to moisturize.
  • Continue stretching exercises: Consult your physical therapist to continue stretching and other exercises that will strengthen your knee. You may also learn which activities are safe for you.

If you are looking for the best quality of hinged knee braces in the market, you have reached the right place. Get in touch with our support team to learn more about our products.