Choosing the Right Patella Brace for Your Knee Pain

Our ability to straighten our leg at any time is due to the proper functioning of the patellar tendon that works with the muscles in the front of our thighs. Small tears in this tendon can affect our ability to straighten our legs and walk and carry out other physical activities. Now this patellar tendon may tear at a place where it is attached to the kneecap if a person falls from a height or jumps. Usually affecting runners or people involved in sports, patellar tendonitis may also occur due to infections, renal failure, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and many other health problems.

At Aidfull, we offer a wide range of braces and support including patella tendon straps, patella stabilizing braces and knee braces for patellar tendonitis.

How do Patella Braces and Supports Help in Knee Pain?

While small partial tears in the kneecap can be treated via use of patella knee brace and support followed by specific exercises to improve motion, severe injuries may require surgeries. Choosing the right knee brace for patellar tendonitis is important to avoid worsening of the tear in the tendon.

Check out Aidfull’s extensive range of braces and supports for knees and their functioning:

  • Closed Patella Knee Brace and Supports: These type of patellar tendonitis braces or supports cover the full knee and the kneecap and are designed in such a way as to compress the patella when the knee is bent more than 45 degrees. This prevents degeneration of the patellar bone and minimizes swelling and pain. These closed braces, however, are not useful for a person to wear while exercising or bending.
  • Open Patella Stabilizing Braces: These supports are designed in such a way that the kneecap area is left open and exposed. These products allow for the full mobility of the knee.
  • Chondromalacia Patella Brace: This category of braces is used when there is a damage to the cartilage that covers the kneecap or the patella. These patellar stabilizer knee braces not only keep the kneecap centered when the joint moves but also include silicone inserts for activating the joint muscles. Remarkably effective in reducing inflammation and stimulating healing, these braces are ideal for active use.
  • Patellar Knee Strap or Patellar Tendon Strap: This type of knee brace provides extra support around the kneecap and works by gently lifting the patella into its proper position. This support also provides compression all around the knee in such a manner that the pressure is distributed evenly across the patellar tendon. This in turn reduces the pain.

Why Buy your Patellar Tendon Straps from Aidfull?

Our knee braces, straps and supports are not only durable but also made from high quality materials that are gentle on the skin and do not cause any kind of irritation. Our focus on innovating, testing and offering high quality products has made Aidfull a leader in the healthcare industry. Our breathable patella knee braces and support are exceptionally comfortable and come with a 60-day money back guarantee. And do take advantage of our 24/7 support team that is always there to resolve your queries and assist you in choosing the right product for your knee pain.