The Best Tennis Elbow Brace & Support Straps

Is there persistent pain on the outside of your elbow? Do you find it uncomfortable to do simple tasks, such as turning a doorknob or holding a cup? These symptoms could point towards tennis elbow, a painful condition that occurs due to overloading of the elbow tendons. It is one of the most common elbow problems. In fact, around 1% to 3% of the population is affected by tennis elbow, according to information provided by Cleveland Clinic.

Despite the name, tennis elbow is an injury you can have without ever picking up a racquet. A forehand shot is just one of the movements that can cause this injury. It can happen due to any repetitive elbow motion. This puts painters, plumbers, gardeners, carpenters and butchers at risk of tennis elbow as well.

How is Tennis Elbow Treated?

The good news is that tennis elbow can be treated without the need for surgery. For effective recovery, the following steps are recommended:

Rest: Avoid participating in any activities that might aggravate your elbow.

Ice: Apply an ice pack on the injured area for 15 to 20 minutes. Repeat this 3 to 4 times a day.

Use a Brace: The best tennis elbow brace can speed up the recovery process. A tennis elbow brace provides support to the affected tendons. This reduces the strain on the joint, alleviating pain. A brace can also provide compression on the affected area. The pressure removes the build-up of blood and other fluids. This provides relief from inflammation. A brace can also help prevent tennis elbow altogether.

The Best Braces for Tennis Elbow

Aidfull offers only the highest quality tennis elbow braces and support sleeves.

Tennis Elbow Strap

Our tennis elbow strap cushions the injured muscles and tendons, reducing pain and inflammation. The pressure is concentrated on the extender muscles and not the arm. This also improves elbow performance. It adjusts to your arm’s tapered contour, providing the perfect fit. The strap has a Velcro closure, allowing you to wear and remove it in seconds. Plus, the amazing design means that you can wear it on the medial as well as lateral side. It is perfect for athletic as well as occupational activities.

Elbow Splint

Our elbow splint gently immobilizes your elbow. This prevents any movements that can be painful or may aggravate the injury. The splint has a soft cotton lining and breathable foam, which makes it extremely comfortable to wear for prolonged periods. The compression and support of the splint can be customized, using a removable splint and dual hook and loop strap closures. Plus, it is washable and latex-free. The splint can even be worn while sleeping. The brace can also be helpful for elbow tendonitis.

Elbow Compression Sleeve

Our tennis elbow compression sleeve is made of elastic knit fiber, which provides mild compression. This helps relieve pain and inflammation. Our compression sleeves also have dual silicon pads, which provide targeted pain relief. While providing these benefits, the sleeve does not hinder your range of motion. There is also an additional strap for extra compression. It has a slip on/off design, which makes it easy to wear and remove.

So, if you are feeling any elbow discomfort, get the best tennis elbow brace from Aidfull now!