Wrist and thumb pain can be really annoying. Forget about playing tennis or basketball, even simple things like cooking, using your phone and driving can turn into daunting tasks due to such pain. But you don't need to worry anymore! The Aidfull Waterproof Wrist Thumb Support Braces made of soft breathable material offers you just the support you need. Made using only the best quality materials, our wrist thumb support brace helps with speedy recovery.

Product Features

  • Waterproof Material: Made using SEBS gel, our wrist thumb brace is 100% waterproof and extremely durable.
  • Ultimate Comfort and Support: This support brace is designed to guarantee maximum comfort. Our wrist brace is made of soft and breathable material, ensuring that there is no dampness even with prolonged wear.
  • Adjustable for the Perfect Fit: The days of your brace being too tight or not tight enough to support your hand are over. The adjustable wrist brace gives you the perfect fit every single time.
  • Ideal for Both Hands: Our brace is extremely easy to use and its unique construction of the brace means that you can wear it on either hand as comfortably
  • Dimensions: The dimensions of our brace our 0.3 x 2.4 x 5.1 inches. The brace weighs 1.44 oz.

Used in Treatment

The Aidfull Waterproof Wrist Thumb Support Brace made of soft, breathable, waterproof material can provide relief from:

  • Thumb pain and injuries
  • Discomfort in the wrist

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