7 Benefits of Regular Physical Activity

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7 Benefits of Regular Physical Activity
Did you know that over 3 million deaths every year is attributable to the lack of physical activity? These figures revealed by a World Health Organization report highlights the need to focus on a regular exercise routine, be it walking, running, aerobics or simply stretching.  

Advantages of Regular Physical Activity

To reap the many benefits of regular exercise, health professionals recommend at least 30 minutes of moderate to intense physical activity for a minimum of five days in a week. It’s best to seek guidance before beginning a rigorous routine, as this can cause inflammation of various body parts. Here are a few health benefits that should motivate you to follow a regular routine of physical activity.

    • Improves Muscles
       You needn’t be lifting heavy weights to increase your muscle strength. Even simple activities like running, climbing stairs, cycling, swimming and gardening can boost your muscles. This is because physical activity releases hormones that increase the ability of your muscles to absorb amino acids. And, amino acids help your muscles to grow, while also promoting recovery.

      • Improves Bone Health
      High-impact exercises increase bone density and help to keep your bones strong. Such activities include jogging, running, playing a sport like basketball or tennis, hiking and climbing stairs.

      • Makes You Happier
      Researches show that exercising improve our mood and helps fight anxiety, stress and depression. This is because workouts release endorphins, a group of hormones secreted within our brain and nervous system. Some of these are known as “happy chemicals,” as they produce positive feelings and give your self-esteem a boost.

      • Promotes Better Sleep
      Moderate aerobics, yoga, stretching and breathing exercises enhance deep sleep, giving your brain and body a chance to recuperate. Exercising raises your body temperature and when this begins dropping back to normal, it makes you feel sleepy. Moreover, activities like power lifting increases your heart rate and creates biological reactions in the brain that helps you sleep better, says an article by Johns Hopkins Medicine.

      • Reduces Risk of Disease
       Insulin sensitivity and cardiovascular fitness improves with exercise, while physical activity can lower blood pressure and fat levels in the blood. On the other hand, lack of activity increases belly fat, which puts you at risk of diabetes and heart disease. Workouts have also proved beneficial for fighting ailments like asthma, backpain, joint pain and even cancer.

        • Weight Control
        Obesity affects over 90 million US adults, says a 2016 report by CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics. Depending on intensity, exercise burns calories and raises your metabolism, which can prevent weight gain or help achieve weight loss goals.

          • Promotes Mental Health

          As one ages, mental abilities tend to deteriorate. The pace can be slowed with regular exercise. With physical activity, the body releases proteins and other chemicals that promote brain function, helping to slow the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s.

          If these benefits aren’t enough, regular physical activity helps you look younger for longer! So, are you ready to invest just 30 minutes to enjoy so many advantages?


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