Do you have weak ankles or just want to keep them stable during sporting events or daily activities? Then this ankle brace is just for you! This particular brace will stabilize the ankle, preventing abnormal eversion and inversion. Made of thin and durable mesh fabric this comfortable brace is wearable with most athletic or street shoes and will fit on either foot.

Your ankle is supported by ligaments, muscles, and tendons. Each time they get damaged, you lose support. Damage can occur by stepping on the foot of another athlete, stepping off a curb, planting and changing direction while running, or walking on uneven ground. Protect your ankles with this lightweight, easy to use, lace up ankle brace.

Product Features
    • Unmatched Quality: Unlike other products in the market, our ankle brace is made of high quality, lightweight and breathable mesh material. This makes it incredibly comfortable to wear for long periods of time.
    • Great Stability to Your Ankle: To provide optimal stability to your ankle, there are two steel springs on either side of the stabilizer. The ankle strap also has two stabilizing straps for improved ankle stability.
    • Pain Relief: The incredible design of our ankle brace has contoured arch style and side stabilizers. This helps in reducing the pressure on and pain in the ankle.
    • Lace-up design for proper fastening as personal demand

Used in Treatment

The Aidfull Ankle Brace Lace-Up for Sprained Ankle One Size can be used to relieve pain due to ankle injury or sprain, as well as to prevent injuries.

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